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Membership Application

The Hamilton Regional Indian Centre is a non-profit organization working with and for the urban Aboriginal population of the Greater Hamilton area. The Centre was created to meet the needs and provide a place where the urban Aboriginal population could get together to access and share their culture and traditions.

Our Centre is here to promote and deliver culturally appropriate programs. The programs encourage the urban Aboriginals to retain their culture and to become a part of society with full rights of independence. The Centre is here for the betterment of all Aboriginal people.

Membership Types

  • Full Member - Those of Aboriginal ancestry who have full voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and may run for the Board of Directors.
  • Associate Member - Those of Non Aboriginal decent, who are entitled to participant in all events and receive the newsletter but have no voting privileges.
  • Junior Members - Those persons under the age of 18 years. They shall not be entitled to vote but shall be entitled to notice of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Honorary/Staff Member - Shall not be entitled to vote, but shall be entitled to notice of the Annual General Meeting, the By-monthly newsletter and to participate in all events.

You can download the membership application form in PDF format here. Print it and mail it in with your check or money order or send it to the HRIC.

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