Aboriginal Alternative Secondary School Program (ASSP)
Strengthening Hamilton Aboriginal Education (SHAE)

is an alternative education program for Aboriginal students wishing to continue their education, in a culturally appropriate learning environment, but not currently attending a secondary school to shorten the gap of Aboriginal student’s dropout rates within the mainstream school system.

Aboriginal Alcohol/Drug Program

this program provides preventive services, intake/intervention, assessment and treatment, planning and education awareness programs in the areas of alcohol, drug and solvent abuse using a wholistic approach.

Aboriginal Criminal/Family Courtwork Program

provides assistance to all Aboriginal people who are in contact with the legal system, regardless of Status.

Aboriginal Family Support Program

to provide support and services to families and their children (0 to 6 yrs) through the provision of community-based wholistic and culturally based activities.

Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Program

to ensure that the healing and wellness needs of the Aboriginal community are addressed and to reduce family violence, promote healthy lifestyles, and culture- based programming and healing.

Aboriginal Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Program

This program promotes healthy growth and development of Aboriginal babies, build on parenting skills, and link families with the community supports and resources.

Aboriginal Prenatal/Nutrition Program

This program provides culturally appropriate information for the purpose of improving pregnant mother’s and father’s knowledge.

  • Nutrition
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Preparation of labor & delivery
  • Breast feeding
  • Newborn & baby care in a traditional and culturally appropriate manner.

Akwe:go Program

providing cultural activities for children 7 years – 12 years old focusing on understanding and values of Aboriginal culture. The program component involves respecting others, our community and ourselves. Our focus is on bringing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components of the human personality together as children grow and become youth. Akwe:go is a Mohawk word that means "All of Us".

Apatisiwin Program

provides support and assistance to clients in their pursuit of permanent employment, through resume writing, job search counseling, and computer access, fax/photocopying services, access to job listings, training course listing, education/occupation resources. Apatisiwin is a Swampy Cree word meaning "Employment, Training and Jobs".

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Nutrition Program

direct service for urban Aboriginal Pregnant women and Families, Aboriginal Children and Youth, and networking with Aboriginal and mainstream agencies/organizations. In addition to increasing awareness of risks associated with alcohol/drug consumption during pregnancy, including breastfeeding and alcohol use.

GREAT Program

to assist Six Nations Band members, in meeting their employment and training objectives by supporting them in obtaining access to employment programs and services.

Life Long Care Program

provides community support services to urban Aboriginal clients, regardless of age, who are disabled, chronically ill, frail, elderly or require acute/chronic continuum of Care.

Literacy Basic Skills – Native Learning Centre

this program invites all adults to join in sessions and to participate in the Native traditional learning session. Areas of skill development include reading, writing, basic math and life skills.

Native Inmate Liaison Officer (Vanier Centre for Women)

is responsible to assist Aboriginal female inmates serving terms of imprisonment in their successful reintegration into the community by providing culturally relevant programs, services and activities aimed at promoting Aboriginal healing and wellness using the healing.

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

to design and implement healthy lifestyle programming with the intent to improve health status through increased physical fitness; improved cardiovascular health; smoking reduction; and, improved nutritional knowledge and practices.

Wasa Nabin

assists the urban Aboriginal youth at risk between the ages of 13-18 in providing access to activities that will ensure choices to healthy lifestyles. Client based support objectives general social supports, youth in care, healthy eating and physical development, education, justice intervention, and violence prevention.

Youth Capacity Developer

to meet the local area homeless or potentially homeless youth needs by bridging the gap between youth, their Aboriginal culture and the broader community.

Youth Outreach Worker

To promote engagement of youth and their families in their community; and Foster communication and linkage among agencies/organizations and institutions to improve access and eliminate barriers to service for youth.